Look up at the sky
Then head down the road
Don’t ask no one why
Or for help with your load

Some while back
I used to care
But that Station’s tore down
And I ain’t got the fare

The Express whizzes by
Swift as the hare
The Driver’s a Clown
Never been anywhere

He’s always the same
If you smile or frown
He won’t stop till he gets
To the Big City town

They say that the train
It’s sold out a’plenty
Cain’t get you a seat
Tho’ most of ’ems empty

They say that the seats
Get sold out real early
Must need room for their feets
Those Big Shots are burley

The men all wear ties
Ladies blush when they smile
They all fake tellin’ lies
‘Cept for once in a while

Never once heard a thing
That was worth takin’ home
No Rich Sugar Daddy
No Sweet Honey Comb

My clothes have red feathers
A Fat Lady donated
But you won’t hear her sing now
She’s incarcerated

I have been beaten
And I’m beaten down
But for Love of the Money
I still head Up Town

I make Mud Pies for Breakfast
Jaw on Earthworms for Lunch
But the folks around here –
Ain’t no sorrier bunch

I cain’t spend a nickel
Won’t give up a dime
This guy I been chasin’
Should be doin’ some Time

6 September 2015

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