My Bio

Once upon a time, I was a mother, a Na-Na, a Bookkeeper, and Corporate & Payroll Accountant.  I started working just after High School graduation, barely 16 and too young and unsure of myself to be able to narrow my choices enough to make any firm decisions about the direction I thought my life should take.  Oh yeah – I said “should “.  That’s how I was raised. I was practical, responsible, and should-ed  myself along for about 25 years.

Those careers were thrown over to spend nearly as many years stumbling through breakdowns, psychiatric hospitalizations, and an abundance of therapy on & off, which unfortunately did not save me from losing nearly all of my family, friends and colleagues, and eventually much, much more.

It has been a roller coaster ride of grand proportions, lumpy and bumpy all the way.  In the past few years, I regained my Sea Legs and have been evolving into my better self, with which I live, on my better days, far more comfortably than ever before.

I spend a great deal of time writing – mostly non-fiction, biography in poetry as well as prose. I  do some sewing, I knit, I crochet, and dream up products and programs that are just waiting to be shared with the world.

I write a lot about the nature of the mental disorders that I have lived with since childhood, the problems that have arisen as a result, that affected nearly everyone whose lives have ever touched mine – either directly or indirectly.  These are complex issues that pretty much always tangle up the psyche, the emotions, and ultimately behaviors, all of which can turn life into seeming that it exists within the confines of a Hall of Mirrors.

In my descriptions of the ramifications of living with mental illness, I speak about what I have experienced, what I have learned to be factual, as well as my observations, impressions, and opinions.  I boldly expose myself because although the numbers of people suffering from a wide range of mental illnesses, disorders and conditions in this country are staggering, there still remains a frustratingly wide-spread ignorance about this phenomenon that is wrecking lives all around us.  With your participation, I hope to combat as much of that ignorance as is humanly possible.

Increasing wide-spread Knowledge has reduced the stigma of being afflicted with a disease of the mind significantly in my lifetime, thanks largely to the Motion Picture Industry and groups like NAMI, the National Alliance of Mental Illness, giving license to more open discussion and acceptance.  But it is still a closeted issue in many homes, which pervades the fears of speaking to relative issues publicly, and results in holding people back from availing themselves, and their dependents, of the assistance that they need.  Understanding the possible extent of damage that belittling and/or ignoring mental illness can do, is key to obtaining help from the many resources we have today in virtually every populated area across the United States.

WELCOME TO THE PAGES OF “MORE THAN WORDS”……….Although Mental Health is a serious subject which I will continue to address – I promise you lighter fodder as well—-  I will welcome your comments and questions on this subject and others.

Thanks for stopping by……..Y’All come back again real soon, —–hear?

Be Well, and take care of yourselves, and each other.

Cat {the} Wylde

5 June 2018

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