When all you want is to bury your head
All you can think is “I wish I were Dead”
That Thing in your chest called your Heart feels like lead
Come talk to me, Baby – Lie beside me in bed

You’re not ever wrong to feel what you feel
Remorse to Self-Hatred when you’ve been a heel
At some point you must think, “Ah, what’s the Big Deal?”
If God can forgive me – I am Rock, I am Steel

We all get that way when we’re wrong and we’re right
Most important of all is Don’t Give Up the Fight!
It’s like courage with Heroes – They’re still filled with fright
But put it aside – Try with all your might

Maybe adrenaline is the Gift from Above
That allows us to act with complete sense of Love
Forgetting ourselves – No inside Push & Shove
The Reward will come later on the Wing of a Dove

So – Come here, My Baby, Nestle in tight
There’s nothing a hug cannot wrestle or fight
I promise you, Darlin’, You’ll conquer your fright
Whispering now – I kiss you Good Night